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Quality Assurance Vs. Quality Control: Get More Visibility

IT professionals that are not familiar with the testing terms remain confused between software quality assurance and quality control. In this article at Software Testing Class, learn about the primary distinctions between the phrases.

Know the Basics

Software quality assurance (QA) is a general procedure that guarantees the accuracy of the method you have implemented to accomplish a project. Known as statistical process control (SPC), these procedures help you evaluate analytical tools and techniques.

Meanwhile, quality control (QC) is the practice of verifying software quality to ensure your project follows all the necessary standards, processes, and procedures. It helps generate the desired internal and external deliverables without compromising on quality. The statistical techniques applied to the finished products are known as statistical quality control (SQC).

The Visible Disparity

  • Software quality assurance is a component of the quality management process that focuses on quality needs. In contrast, quality control is an element of the overall quality management procedure. It fulfills the quality provisions of the project by closely monitoring it.
  • QA involves a set of activities that ensure that the process of product development undergoes quality assessment. On the other hand, QC emphasizes on quality monitoring to identify the defects in the actual procedure.
  • The main objective of quality assurance is to take proactive measures to improve the project development and testing processes. In contrast, quality control aims to identify the defects in the software application post-production.
  • QA identifies project weaknesses, whereas QC discovers errors and rectifies them.
  • Quality assurance does not involve any coding or decoding, but quality control does. It always requires a software program or code to execute the project.
  • QA is a staff function, but QC is a line function.
  • Quality control takes place after the procedure of quality assessment. In other words, QA is planning, while QC is the action you need to execute it.

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