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How to Make PMOs Business-Focused?

Traditional PMOs often emphasize process and governance, making it difficult to bring in innovative methods and agile thinking. In fact, the linkage between the project execution and business strategy is often unclear. To yield positive results, organizations must pivot from a traditional to a business-focused PMO. In this article at PMMajik, the author explains why it is essential to shift from a traditional PMO to a business-focused PMO.

3 Ways to Make Your PMOs Business-Focused

Ensure that Your PMO Delivers a Continuous Flow of Value

Following the processes and tracking the data are some of the main features of traditional PMO. However, this will become a tedious task and doesn’t contribute much to the growth of the business. As an organization, you must focus on the outcomes that will be delivered and make sure that your PMO is working to make things better for workers and increase their productivity.

Use Situation-Specific Strategies

Equip PMO with tools to embrace change and uncertainty rather than trying to fit all projects to a rigid production line approach, no matter how unsuitable the inflexible process may be. Implementing an agile mindset while using PMO helps in quickly assessing the unique challenges of new projects, identifying the changed circumstances, and evolving the processes accordingly.

Be an Enabler

“The focus of lots of companies is shifting from management to leadership. Changing your PMO from a traditional set-up to a business-focused one reflects a similar change,” says the author. As a leader, you must support projects to bring about positive change. Use PMO tools to check if you are selecting the right projects that will bring good financial returns. Before committing to the project, check if you have the right tools and training in place to execute a project successfully.

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