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How Can Your PMO Become a Superhero in a Crisis?

With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, businesses are undergoing a vast financial downtime. The project management office can reduce the burden of unexpected change and help in making recovery plans. In this article at Meisterplan, Emma Hanes suggests how can the PMO become super powerful and save the venture from a crisis.

PMO: The Most Valuable Player

The organizations relying on their PMOs are rapidly coping with the outbreak. Nonetheless, the formation of a project management office is not a welcome change for many firms. By assisting the organization and project teams in adopting secure methods and procedures, It can help in reducing the duration of the assigned project. Here are some other ways a PMO can prove its worth:

Set Prioritization

Often project teams find it challenging to work on multiple projects. They can adopt new corporate objectives, evaluate them, and determine project priority. An experienced PMO can do it with the utmost precision.

Resource Management

Since the majority of the workforce is working from remote locations, clear communication and collaboration become a difficult task. To maintain productivity, PMOs should take charge of work allocation. They must coordinate and operate from virtual locations with the project teams. Also, the PMO can use data and reports to ensure all the team members are on the same page.

Portfolio Management

The PMOs can undertake the challenge of project portfolio planning. They can define and refine the existing process to improve the portfolio. They can balance new projects with the current ones while updating priorities.

The project management offices can help organizations survive the COVID-19 pandemic. So, empower your PMOs to become more efficient and technically equipped so they can support project teams. Offer them the desired tools to accomplish resource planning and management. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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