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How Can a PMO Define and Capitalize Its Existence?

The PMO face fierce competition to survive in the digitally advanced and automated world of technology. So, to remain in existence, your project management office must extend some significant benefits.

In this article at The Project Group, Micah Castelo suggests some smart ideas for the PMO to enhance its presence and acceptance in the organizations.

What Is the Need?

The PMO’s role is an organization is far more neglected than measured. Many enterprises prefer to eliminate it thinking is as a merely cost-center. The notion even affects its acceptance in the industry. However, project managers believe in the project management office for a successful project delivery.

Prove Yourself

Overall, the PMO acceptance in an organization is possible only if it is allowed participation in strategic decision-making and project success measuring. To gain value, your team must prove its worth, right from the beginning. Here are some other measures to take:

  • Determine your current position in the company. Showcase your contribution in boosting in-house project management practices.
  • By evaluating the annual quantitative performance, display your contribution in improving best practices.
  • The PMO’s input to strategic measures can also prove beneficial. Right from project selection, task prioritization, strategic objectives, resource management, and budgeting- everything did by the PMO. All the right steps turn into a successful project.
  • By undertaking strategic project portfolio management (PPM), prioritize budgeting, decision-making, and capacity planning. By separating the strategic and operational tasks, make the lives of the project managers easier.
  • Actively communicate your contribution in the successful delivery of the project with the stakeholders. Ultimately, they are bound to keep the stakeholders informed. So why not talk about their participation in the project?
  • It is crucial to document everything the PMO is doing for the project management teams. It convinces the stakeholders better if you maintain a note of all the tasks performed or expected to finish.
  • Employee retention is crucial for PMO. If the stakeholders recognize the team, they will appreciate your hard work. Retain your staff instead of hiring afresh each time the need arises.

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