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The PMO Principles that You Must be Aware Of

In many cases, when organizations decide to implement Project Office Management (PMO), leaders turn their attention directly to the activities that need to be set-up. However, they fail to focus on the purpose, vision, and design principles. In this article at Future PMO, the author explains how principles will help your PMO to be ready and strong for the future.

Principles For a Successful PMO

PMOs Must Fit Your Organizational Culture

PMO structure and methodology must be a good cultural fit for the company. Some organizations respond well to a more rigorous process, while others rebel. Organizations where PMO is a bad cultural fit will receive little or no support from the senior leaders. Without leadership support, a PMO will fail. Therefore, before implementing PMO in the organization, make the right kind of strategic decisions that will allow you to respond with agility.

PMOs Must Serve Customers

PMOs must serve your customers. “They do not exist in a vacuum but rather invest time in understanding what the needs of their customers are,” explains the author. While implementing PMO, make sure that PMO is helping you collaborate with teams and improve ways of working for the future.

PMOs Must Be Transparent

By acting as an objective, independent, and unbiased entity, PMOs provide consistent, accurate, and timely information to underpin the decision-making process and transparent validation of data origin. Check if the PMO is taking the right advantage of technology to obtain information when you are implementing PMO in your enterprise. 

PMOs Must Facilitate Learning

Build your PMOs on reflective practice and knowledge transfer activities. This will create learning opportunities for both individuals and teams, allowing continuous improvement and the ability to evolve the organization to cope with changing conditions.

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