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4 PMO Tips to Uplift Demand Management Standards

Are you happy with the existing demand management process of your organization, or it merely requires a facelift? If your answer is the latter, then demand management needs a savvy PMO’s assistance.

In this blog by Planview, Sherrill Packebush explains the role played by a PMO to improve the existing demand management standards. It is possible only when the PMO align it with the business goals of the organization.

Need for An Evolving PMO

With changing business scenarios, even the PMO has transformed drastically. The team is no longer confined to project teams. They are the knowledge hub for refined business processes.

To reinforce a legitimate demand management process, your organization must evaluate the existing work requests with the help of a savvy PMO. Here are four ways your PMO can improve demand management:

Seize the Initial Requests

Any savvy PMO knows the value of internal resources. They are the primary source of innovative ideas with just a lack of direction to turn them into effective practices. So, the project management office collects all the ideas and information from the internal resources. Design a work intake to collaborate with team members.

Run the Collected Information in a Process

Next, the PMO evaluates the gathered data to streamline your workflow. It takes effort to move intake requests alongside the ongoing workflow. Meanwhile, the PMOs maintain a flawless communication process to maintain consistency in the ongoing work.

The PMO also maintains documentation of each step performed to maintain consistency and collaboration between committed teams. On a later stage, they evaluate and generate important categorization to prioritize, audit, and improve the process of demand management. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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