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Ways to Survive Project Management Crisis

When a project hits a barrier, it will take your entire team into crisis mode. Conventional rules go out the window. A seasoned project manager will have experienced their share of crises in the past. If you are an inexperienced manager, you must read consider the below suggestions that will help you handle crises like pros. In this article at Business2Community, Esther Cohen describes how to deal with the crisis and minimize its impact on your organization.

How to Rescue Projects in Crisis

Respond to Early Signs of Warning

Before the occurrence of a crisis, there are always some signs. Detect those signs and take immediate action. Further, develop a plan of preventive action to mitigate crisis or minimize its negative impact on the project. In fact, your risk management plan or contingency plan must contain such actions.

Focus on Your Strategy

Focus on the bigger picture of your project to make the right decisions during crises. As a project manager, you must lead your team strategically in terms of critical thinking, employee motivation, timing, and project vision.

Manage Communications Efficiently

“Establishing communication protocols early on in a crisis can help you establish a sense of normalcy. It can also give comfort and stability to obviously worried clients,” says Esther. As a project manager, your task is to define the situation. Communication is the best way to coordinate and remain involved with your team.

Encourage Your Team Members in Problem Solving

Getting your project on track, after a crisis must be your goal. Encourage your team to brainstorm and discuss possible solutions to solve the problems. Also, your team members should know where to report and must be thorough with their responsibilities when the team is activated.

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