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Will the PMO Lose its Spark in a Digitally Agile Work Setup?

A PMO acts as a crusader for the success of a project team. It takes charge of neutralizing countless issues and setbacks for the project managers. Still, the PMO often undergoes an identity crisis.

In this article at Forbes, Peter Kestenholz suggests that the PMO must adopt an agile mindset to maintain its existence in the digital arena. Agility is the best solution to justify its significance for the organization.

Survive the Crisis

Digital transformation impacts your PMO while promoting new work culture based on scaled agile methodology. Because of these emerging challenges, very few PMOs overcome the identity crisis. While most of the PMO professional doubt their existence and turn into a strategy execution officer.

Following the budget constraints, organizations often choose not to have a PMO, instead invest in digital tools to track project progress.

Time to Take Action

To maintain its position in the organization, the PMO must extend agile business strategies that can save time, money, and resources. The conventional methods no longer work in favor of your project management office. So, the best way is to start over as an enterprise PMO that can translate strategy to execution while measuring project progress regularly.

All PMOs must understand the emerging challenges and issues faced by their organizations. They must act as a catalyst for digital transformation to execute agile and achieve desired outcomes.

Instead of staying reactive, contribute to managing the existing resources. It is high time That your PMO evolved and became proactive to maintain their value in the organization. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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