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COVID-19 Checklist for PMOs to Help Projects and Teams Stay in Sync

There is no definitive guidebook to preserve projects, strengthen businesses, and bring financial resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most leaders have not faced a crisis of this magnitude before.

In this article at TechRepublic, Moira Alexander suggests how your PMO can successfully manage remote teams and project portfolio.

Rapid Response Plan

The coronavirus crisis has propelled the PMO to adjust the way remote teams operate. Still, to meet the project goals, follow these crucial steps:

Clear Communication and Trust

In the process of hiring project team members, you might have observed and evaluated each candidate’s communication skills, self-motivation, and professional aptitude. It is time for the PMO to take a step back and rely on the team member’s potential. Meanwhile, maintain seamless communication with all to keep the project on track.

Virtual Work Policy

As a PMO develop and communicate the remote work policies with the team members. The policy must cover effective ways to deliver work concerns. Also, it must highlight the best practices to overcome resource crises like logistics, workflows, team interactions, and cybersecurity concerns.

Online Tools to Remain Virtually Intact

Your PMO team ensure that the project team members have access to a cloud-based project tool to continue daily project discussions and meetings. These tools must have good bandwidth so that the team members can efficiently share big project files. Tools including Google’s G Suite, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and NextCloud are efficient in preventing unauthorized access to confidential data. Also, these online tools help your team to keep your work organized and running smooth.

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