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PMO Apprenticeships: Interesting Facts You Never Knew Existed

Organizations must pay governments for PMO apprenticeships if they shell out more than $3 million as annual bill payment. The UK law came into effect since April 2017 and is mandatory whether your company hires apprentices or not. In this article at PMO Flashmob, Lindsay Scott shares some interesting facts about PMO apprenticeships.

News About Your PMO Apprenticeships

Lack of skilled resources is a common worry that all organizations share. If governments are mandating tax payment to promote PMO apprenticeships, why should not you leverage it? Here are some interesting facts about PMO apprenticeships you must know:

Anyone Can Be an Apprentice

Anyone can apply for these PMO apprenticeships, irrespective of their age or hierarchy. Though you do not need experience, you must be above 16 years to apply for it. Organizations can even upload candidate profiles on Find an Apprentice website sponsored by the government.

Applicants Must Study

You will work as well as study. Organizations will pay you a minimum wage to get by. Government’s website insists on the following conditions:

  • working with experienced staff
  • learning job-specific skills
  • studying during their working week

Funds Are Available for PMO Apprenticeships

Organizations can draw funds from the government to conduct the apprenticeship program at all levels. The amount varies based on their location, though. Also, the following three factors come into play while sanctioning funds:

  • The amount they declare to HMRC for the process is considered.
  • It is then multiplied by the wages they pay to the UK workforce.
  • A 10-percent government top-up is then added to the result.

A Must-Have Training Course Plan

Companies can use the funds for PMO apprenticeships as well as pay the professionals to complete the course with them. A project controls apprenticeship requires a Level 3 diploma that would span 36 to 42 months. A project administrator apprenticeship also needs a business administration course alongside. Though PMO apprenticeships are mainly for the newcomers, they are applicable for experienced professionals too.

For instance, if you want to learn project data analytics, you can opt for BCS-accredited Data Analyst Level 4 Apprenticeship and complete within 15 months. Achieve this while working with the PMO team.

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