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How Can PMOs Adapt & Conduct Efficient Resource Planning?

Inefficient resource planning is one of the prime reasons for project delays. In this article at Planview, Scott Townsend shares a few essential guidelines to help PMOs conduct resource planning.

Need for Strategic Alignment

There is a dire ‘need for speed’ to allocate the right resources at the right time in the project life cycle. It will prove beneficial in meeting the project objective. By following these guidelines, PMOs can improve their efficiency in resource management:

Prioritize Key Resources:

Employees are the most significant resource in project management. They contribute their knowledge, skills, effort, and patience in it. However, most PMOs fail to utilize their productive employees. So, they must follow these guidelines to bring out the best from the employees:

  • Divide employees into two categories. One includes reliable resources that are efficient in producing strategic work, while the other comprises overutilized resources. The categorization will prove beneficial in developing strategies or processes to support the project teams.
  • The next step is cost estimation by deciding roles as per the organizational hierarchy. This step includes both the internal and billable rates of the resources. This step is pivotal to calculate costs and streamline the process as per the roles assigned to accomplish the project.
  • After cost estimation, it is time to strategize ways to utilize skills of the resources as per their efficiencies. A practical resource planning is the by-product of the right categorization.

Roles & Team Allocation

After deciding the initial phase of the resource allocation, the second part includes task allocation. The PMO must remain flexible at this stage to meet different requirements of project methodologies, categories, and staffing needs. Here is how you can maintain consistency at this stage:

  • Use a multiple resource planning approach to maintain the balance between the available resources. Use high-level resource planning only when you have roles and resources assignments at the right place. You can also use task-level planning to draw detailed reporting and maintain a comprehensive task plan.

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