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Evaluate Your PMO on Three Key Criteria

The existence of a PMO depends on its efficacy and assistance in delivering successful projects. In this article at Praxis Framework, the author defines the three most significant functional areas required for a PMO to prove its worth. The areas include competencies, skills, and experience.

PMO: A Problem or a Cure

Significantly, PMO is the first team to get structured by an organization to maintain consistency in project delivery. However, it is the first team to let go if things go haywire. So, to ensure if the PMO model is worth investing time and money on, organizations must address these fundamental questions:

· What is your current state?

The organizations must analyze their efficiencies, functions, available resources, and PMO services.

· What is your aim?

The organizations must know their strategic goals and see if the PMO functions are complementing them or not.

· What is your strategy for achieving goals?

One of the most crucial steps to analyze would be the PMO model’s potential, scope, services, etc. The organizations must know if the PMO will be efficient in delivering quality results with the existing resources, skills, and capability.

The organizations must assess the capability maturity of the portfolio, projects, and programs delivered by the organizations. They must decide a specific objective to achieve with the PMO. Also, it is the responsibility of an organization to pick promising project portfolio management (PPM) practices that work in favor of the project teams. The organizations must carefully assess the skills, knowledge, experience, and aspiration of the PMO staff. Also, they must accurately evaluate the critical functional services a PMO must initiate or continue. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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