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Top 5 Soft Skills PMO Must Acquire in Coming Months

The first two months of 2020 are over, it is never too late to acquire and implement promising skills to lift the standards of a PMO. In this article at TenSix, the author suggests some soft skills to help a PMO excel in the year ahead.

Significance of Soft Skills

Soft skills are vital to find, attract, and retain clients. The right skills help in developing a culture of success while meeting client expectations. Here is what a PMO must do:

  • Leadership: The PMO must acquire a leadership position in the company by setting the direction for change management. It will help in improving the business standards of approved projects and the credibility of the PMO.
  • Storytelling: It is a soft skill that proves beneficial in dealing with a massive quantity of data produced by project teams. A PMO must pick stories from the data to effectively communicate the real scenario of the industry to the clients.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Be it people working in the team or the business leaders sponsoring projects, the PMOs are bound to keep everyone involved and updated. Stakeholder engagement in the project will prove helpful in making the required changes in the project at the right time.
  • Flexibility: The PMOs must acquire a flexible approach to extend support towards agile project teams. They must change directions, whenever required, to complement the business strategy. Flexible attitude towards new developments will help the PMOs take it as an opportunity, not a threat to the institution.
  • Integrity: A PMO must be honest, accurate, and consistent with their actions. These traits will make the PMO a reliable source of information for the clients and stakeholders. By showcasing itself as an institution of integrity, the PMO will get the position of an essential internal consultant whose opinion is valuable to the organization.

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