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PMO Trends to Observe in 2020: An Overview

Trends are the by-product of transformations, powerful enough to create a buzz in the industries and generate curiosity among consumers. To design a new trend, organizations observe consumers’ buying behavior and preferences.

In this article at PMO Flashmob, Lindsay Scott suggests some PMO trends from last year that will continue dominating the industry in the year ahead.

Significant PMO Trends

To remain upbeat with the fast-evolving market, PMOs must follow the industry trends. Here is a list of trends to follow:

  • The PMO must learn and utilize project data analytics to improve quality and project success rates.
  • Automation will continue dominating the industry. So, the PMO must embrace machine learning, AI, and robotic process automation (RPA) to decrease human effort.
  • Agile mindset will continue facilitating and coaching PMO practitioners and their soft skills.
  • The PMO competency framework and assessments will see newer heights in the year ahead.
  • Data visualization and storytelling is the need of the hour for the PMOs.
  • Create PMO principles and use them to navigate the project teams in unfortunate circumstances by extending strong moral support.
  • A digitally advanced PMO will lift standards of conventional PMO by extending unique delivery approaches.
  • New metrics and measures to understand and deliver exclusive business needs by the PMOs.
  • Meeting the social wellbeing of the PMO staff by developing a better understanding of the ongoing market trends.
  • Creating newer positions for the PMO staff to make it an appealing division for the seniors.

These PMO trends will give a much-anticipated facelift to the conventional approaches and help project teams with better practices and techniques. Competition is getting intense, and project leads need improved knowledge hub—The PMO. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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