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The Right Mix of Soft Skills PMO Leaders Need in 2020

Meeting customer expectations is a persistent task throughout a project lifecycle. In this article at TenSix Consulting, the author explains the significance of soft skills for the PMO to meet customer expectations.

Shaping Right Expectations

The PMO must work towards aligning the project by using concrete ideas and processes to attain the desired customer experience. The PMO must acquire these five soft skills and maintain transparency with project teams, sponsors, and stakeholders to meet customer expectations:

  • Leadership: The PMO must initiate a leadership role in the organization to manage transformation and give a facelift to the existing project standards. Leadership is vital for everyone in the PMO team as they often interact with the business developers working at different levels.
  • Storytelling: It is one of the most distinctive requirements of the PMO to communicate the real-time scenario of the business efficiently. Storytelling is a smart way of sharing crucial information to the target audience without creating any discrepancies. So, the PMO must share information about essential projects in an engaging and relatable story.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: A project involves multiple stakeholders, and PMO is bound to manage each one of them. They need to engage the stakeholders, help them understand the project benefits, and take necessary actions for the seamless execution of the project.
  • Flexibility: The PMO must acquire a flexible and supportive approach to deliver results to an agile team. They must remain adaptive to the agile mindset and change direction, whenever required. The PMO must consider every new challenge as an opportunity to unleash new horizons and innovate.
  • Integrity: To maintain its position as a reliable source of information, the PMO must maintain consistency and integrity. They must deliver what has been promised to the client and maintain transparency with the senior management and stakeholders.

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