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How IT PMOs Can Prepare for the Changing Times

The IT boom encouraged the formation of IT PMOs. IT had the highest number of projects and had to make sure of a foolproof resource optimization center. The technology PMO might be interacting with PMOs of other departments nowadays for synchronized value addition. In this article at, Andy Jordan discusses how an IT PMO can prepare for the changing times.

Working with IT PMOs

Self-governing agile teams are reducing the need for a central committee governing multiple projects. With advanced ITSM processes and applications, the relevance of IT PMOs is diminishing. Also, IT has matured from the role of a service provider to that of a strategic business partner. The continuous delivery business model will decelerate siloed IT project activities by integrating them with an enterprise PMO. Let’s find out how IT PMOs can prepare for the changing times:

Revaluation: While all PMOs changed over the years, IT PMOs need to make significant changes to be relevant again. From maintaining back-office operations to being up-to-date with today’s business model, IT has seen drastic changes in its functionalities. Besides, organizations favor service-based platforms like PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS more. IT PMOs must offer IT features based on the business perspective and portfolios rather than just as services.

The Role of a Facilitator: Instead of deciding project prioritization, IT PMO must refocus value addition as advisors. Meanwhile, the enterprise PMO can take up the role of the moderator. The IT counterpart should then help in identifying opportunities and dependencies as well as creating estimates. The IT project management office can still schedule the remaining resources but cannot rely solely on tickets for issue resolution.

Being the Think Tank: IT PMO teams are not limiting themselves to monitoring the work status of ongoing projects. They are turning consultants for unapproved projects. To be successful project analysts, they need to understand the business goals and how IT helps achieve those. So, IT PMOs must collaborate more with other departments.

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