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Is a Director Really Required for a PMO?

Those who directly reporting to the PMO directors often wonder about the significance of the role. Even though a PMO director is liable for the leadership, integration, and management of the project processes, most directors do not justify their presence in the system.

In this blog by Brad Egeland, the author describes the significance of PMO directors’ role and what all the vital elements they must bring to the table.

Director’s Cut

The PMO director reinforces the project delivery mechanisms by ensuring all the business developments in the organization are under control. Their role is insignificant unless they perform beyond their comfort zone. Let’s take a look at how:

  • PMO Management: Being at the top of the hierarchy, the PMO directors must act as ideal leaders. They must establish project processes, strategize ways to avert roadblocks, develop contacts in the industry, and fight for the PMO’s existence in the organization. They must maintain the PMO as a knowledge hub for project teams by gathering reusable templates, planning documents, and project management tools like ‘Dooster.’
  • Understand the Organization: The PMO directors must understand their organization to gather information, resources, and support from different divisions. So, instead of hiring a new resource, promote an impeccable leader at the position of a PMO director who can do justice with the role.
  • Attention to Projects: The PMO directors must take a stand for their team in front of the project managers. Instead of getting involved in internal politics, they must address the project needs. They must initiate significant steps to ensure existence of the PMO in the organization.
  • Clear Communication: The PMO directors must maintain clear communication with their teams, organizations, and senior management. They are responsible for defining policies, processes, and plans for their teams as well as the project leaders. Also, they must acquire exceptional listening skills to address complex project issues.

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