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3 Traits You Must Possess to Be a New-Age PMO Leader

Like the PMO itself, a PMO leader has seen significant changes in the roles and responsibilities in recent years. Organizations are asking to share analysis, forecasts, and drive business value. In this article at, Kevin Korterud shares three traits that a PMO leader must possess.

How to Be a PMO Leader Now

As a PMO leader, your responsibilities are a mix of program, project, and portfolio managers. From leading a back-office PMO team, you are now recommending strategies to drive value and business developments. Here are the three traits to become a new-age PMO leader:

All-Round Experience: PMO processes have upgraded to cater to the project management office demands over the years. The same goes for a PMO leader. Apart from your daily tasks, you must have experience with the project, program, and portfolio environments. These allow you to add value to the reports and deliver informed insights. Your knowledge in those spheres also makes you a dependable leader for program, project, and portfolio managers.

Proficiency in Reviewing Delivery Assurances: Organizations undertake several initiatives simultaneously. They use metrics and KPIs to confirm successful and quality deliveries. A PMO leader also takes up the task of delivery assurance reviews to discover gaps that metric reports failed to notify. With the support of the top management and previous delivery experience, you can provide value through these reviews.

Support from Influential Connections: You need support from a variety of people, namely stakeholders, top management, and service providers. As a PMO leader, if you can share a good rapport with all the parties involved, your delivery success is assured. So, understand the nuances that dictate the delivery and operation standards of the business. You cannot understand the business aspects right at the beginning. However, prior delivery experience with stakeholders and service providers strengthen your current role as a PMO leader.

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