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3 Tips to Become Lean PMO for an Agile Organization

Experts predict that agile programs and product management will replace project management by 2023. About 80 percent of organizations will have an enterprise PMO that focuses on integrating products and programs in a specific timeframe.

In this article at Planview, Steve Maisel suggests that the adoption of lean portfolio management is the key to improve organizational agility. It will help the PMO to represent an agile organization.

How to Get There?

Be future-ready, be agile, and implement ‘lean change methodology’ within your organization. Here are three steps to adopting lean portfolio management and achieving faster delivery:

  • Business Case: Be specific about your goal, what you are aiming to make, and how will you get there? As you strategize the way to your desired outcome, identify your fundamental goals. Form a strategy that your organization can use to build teams, project backlog, and produce effective products and services.
  • Bridge Strategy: Gather feedback and react to deliver faster results. Work on a new approach to bridge strategy to delivery by applying lean principles of eliminating wastes. Use an iterative approach with lean portfolio management to specify your objectives and outcomes.
  • Set the Course: Before making a plan that leads you to your desired outcome, understand your current position, and where you wish to reach. Be open to face the challenges. The PMO must be ready to become a change agent and focus on outcomes while reducing identified wastes in governance and process.

The author suggests that a PMO must document processes, communicate plans and procedures, and re-plan, if required. This lean process will help you gain the trust of your team, customers, and help you tackle technical constraints. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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