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PMO Goals That You Need to Be Familiar With

PMO goals vary due to the diverse expectations of organizations. A PMO is responsible for taking care of the project management standards across the organization. In this article at, Tiffany C. Wright explains the PMO goals that you need to be familiar with.

Keeping in line with the PMO Goals

The primary PMO objective is to help organizations realize benefits from the standards and processes they followed for the projects. Here are the PMO goals that you need to be familiar with:

The Rate of Project Success: PMO goals include increasing the rate of projects that succeed by tackling bottlenecks. With the help of the project management office, managers and unit leaders can align their projects and map their outcomes better. They can also seek advice in resource scheduling and project progress visibility. The PMO gathers knowledge from every project wins or failures, which eventually helps future projects to encounter fewer failures.

Establishing Standards: One of the PMO goals is setting standards for internal and external processes. The team creates the project management standards through stakeholder buy-ins of management and employees. You can understand, compare, measure, and supervise projects with these rules.

On-Time, Within-Budget Delivery: As a PMO team, it is your job to streamline projects in a way that they can produce deliverables within the time and budget estimates. Meanwhile, you gradually become a powerhouse of information in terms of templates, lessons learned, guidelines, etc. The more the teams learn from the past, the less time and money they need for quality delivery.

Increased Competency and Reserves: Even to this day, projects work in isolation. One of the project management office goals is to improve communication between teams and business units. It helps different departments understand the various dependencies they create on others when they fail to deliver.

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