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4 Steps to Gain Traction for Your PMO Resume

Are you wondering why your PMO resume is not getting a lot of hits? Are you effectively displaying the skills you have as a PMO professional? In this article at Arras People, Lindsay Scott shares four steps to gain traction for your PMO resume.

Highlighting Right in Your PMO Resume

People talk in detail about their experience in a PMO resume. However, they forget to point at the skills they have earned from the journey. Your potential employers will shortlist your CV if you showcase the PMO skills that they are looking for. Here are the four ways to gain traction for your PMO resume:

Recapture the Beginning: Recruiters prioritize the top part of your PMO resume to find out the keywords they are searching for. Add phrases and words that describe you as a qualified PMO professional. Mention the experience and type of PMO you have handled or worked with. Ensure you mention your job title, qualification, sector, domain, specialization, etc. in the first two sentences of your resume. Following is an example:

‘Experienced in PMO design and implementation for both programme and portfolio level PMOs. Managed over 10 PMO Analysts and Support staff. Responsible for project management delivery standards, frameworks and best practice across the organisation.’

Work Hard on Job History: Remember to use the 80:20 rule while working on current and previous roles. Recruiters will read your contemporary job history next. Mention the tenure and the name of the company, followed by the job title in the next line. If you have a company-specific job title, describe it with a relatable market name. For example, ‘Change Support Analyst (PMO Analyst)’.

Add a line about your company’s work areas and where you fit in. Include a sentence on the purpose of hiring you and the role expectations. For example, ‘hired to support the IT departments portfolio of programmes and projects, working with the central PMO’.

Mention Your Skills: Your PMO resume is incomplete without the skills. Mention the PMO functional areas and services where you have learned the skills or acquired them. For example, for the functional area of planning, the service is compiling, scaling, and maintain the plans. The skills you gathered are following the industry best practices and gaining proficiency in handling Gantt charts or PPM applications.

Don’t Forget Your Achievements: You must have gone beyond your call of duty and done activities that improved the PMO processes further. Mention actions that helped the organization earn more revenues, lower operational costs, improve capabilities, and reduce downtime.

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