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Evolve and Iterate to Set up a PMO

Forming a PMO is as complicated as initiating a new project. The execution steps need analysis of the situation to design a tailor-made concept. Enough time is required to incorporate the behavioral, process, and technical changes that are the essence of a PMO.

In this article at Tensix Consulting, the author suggests three vital elements of forming a PMO that includes keeping it running and delivering value as swiftly as possible.

The Baseline

The formation of a PMO depends entirely on the track record of the IT department. To initiate it, look at the overall IT operations first, determine what you want to accomplish and why, and then figure out the areas that require improvement. A generic framework can give guidance for establishing a PMO. Let’s take a look:

  • Build Trust: Gain the trust of the people first who invest time and effort in building the PMO. Clearly define the purpose that the PMO will address. Its objective is to bring positive outcomes and organizational growth. To do so, clearly understand the business pain points, challenges, or upcoming opportunities that the PMO can cover.
  • PMO Roadmap: Create a roadmap for the PMO to chase your business objective. Focus on your business goal and create a list of services that your PMO will provide. Now, strategize your move to achieve the goal and involve the PMO in the strategic discussions.
  • PMO Charter: It is a document specifying PMO scope, objectives, and defines who will be involved in the PMO. It forms a documented view of what to do and how to get it done. The document also specifies what the PMO is not supposed to do. The project roadmap will define all the dos and don’ts for the PMO.

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