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6 PMO Value Addition That Makes It Worth Investing In

PMO value addition depends on what your company currently requires. A guiding force for traditional project management, the PMO team aids you in the current digital transformation process, too. In this article at AXELOS, Rajiv Khanna shares six PMO value addition that makes it worth investing in.

How PMO Adds Value Now

Because the project management office is a centralized body, it can monitor all the change requests happening across the organization. Find out more about PMO value addition below:

Standardizing PM Methodologies: Apart from waterfall methodology, project managers are leveraging new project management approaches as well. PMO value addition lies in standardizing these approaches that managers can use for similar projects. P3O, MSP, PRINCE2, and PRINCE2 Agile are some of the popular methods.

Scheduling Training and Skills Development Programs: To enable enterprise-wide implementation, facilitate training courses and workshops for the employees. Hire training providers to help you in organizational skills development.

Managing Change and Maintaining Quality: Every change request must go by the PMO team. Even after the projects undergo several changes, they should align with the corporate goals. A PMO value addition is in ensuring that every project maintains the same delivery quality post-change.

Internal Auditing Process: It is common for auditors to supervise companies occasionally. The PMO team can act as internal auditors for the organization. Working independently, you can give an unbiased report to the top leaders of the organization.

Being the Organizational Knowledge Database: Project teams can avoid past mistakes if the PMO team proactively documents previous project experiences. You can offer advice and disclose lessons learned from previous failures and wins.

Regulating Change Deliveries: The PMO value addition involves ensuring projects have worked on the change requests. Your PMO team then checks with the operations managers to discover the impact of these changes.

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