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PMO Tip: Incorporate an Integrated Approach to PM

A deep understanding of project management helps in boosting business growth, but an integrated approach to deal with difficult situations is the ideal way to resolve them.

In this article at Business.Com, Ron Ause explains the dire need for adopting and implementing an integrated approach to work on a project. However, with different expertise and exposure, the PMOs and project managers may end up developing new techniques to deal with the projects.

Unwanted Issues

The approach you have used to accomplish a small project may not prove feasible for a big project. You can use a few hacks to overcome the hurdles but using the same methodology again will not work in favor of the big projects. The difference of opinion and approach to see a problem with a conventional method may lead to multiple issues:

  • With the surge in projects, even the number of best practices increases. To execute these best practices into actionable insight is a huge challenge.
  • Diverse PMOs emerge within a big organization, all swear by their specific methodologies. It may transfix the project managers to understand which approach may prove beneficial in the current requirement.
  • Without an integrated project management approach, the projects remain isolated. Also, it is challenging to share resources across familiar projects.
  • A rise in the number of best practices and methodologies doubles the amount of work that project managers handle. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to manage and keep all the stakeholders happy.

What’s the Solution?

For all the unwanted issues, an integrated project management approach that combines and coordinates all the methodologies may prove helpful. The project manager’s role is to simplify the methods and bring clarity to each process.

With an integrated approach, the project managers can identify the stakeholders who have the most complicated requirements. It will help them create a reporting standard or templates to suffice the stakeholders’ expectations. Also, the project managers can use the same rules and models to address other stakeholder’s requirements, obviously by removing unwanted details.

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