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Here’s a Bottom-Up Approach to Establish a PMO

Who said that a PMO team should consist only of senior executives? Employees are disrupted the most by policies and technologies that the top leaders implement. The affected professionals too have an opinion or two to share. In his blog article, Philippe Husser discusses a bottom-up approach to establish a PMO.

The People’s PMO

The bottom-up approach works best in organizations that enable trust, empowerment, and ownership among employees. It results in better performance, increased revenue realization, and faster delivery. Below are the ways you can leverage the bottom-up approach to establish a PMO:

Give Them a Tangible Reason: The employees should benefit after you establish a PMO. It should help them individually as well as in terms of the organization. Not just the minority.

Introduce Diversity into the Stakeholder Community: Create a central team that would have leaders, influencers, and subject matter experts. To establish a PMO, you need people from various departments and levels—management, functional, and operational. The team should meet every month to discuss priorities and update the urgency list regularly.

Listen to Issues: When you establish a PMO, you are ready to listen to employee issues and provide solutions. While the organization has control over infrastructure and budget, you will be able to address issues.

Make an Action Plan: Conduct a SWOT analysis once you have listed all the issues. Start with the item that will affect the organization the most. Prioritize more if your team can call the shots without taking the long-winding route to get approval.

Be Humble: Apart from forming a team of people with the required skills, create a knowledge repository. Keep a register to note down actionable items and their progress status. You can also include the methodologies, suggestions, and applications all have agreed to. Be the order-taker rather than the giver.

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