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4 Brilliant Steps to Create a Customer-Centric PMO

PMOs have undergone a sea change, and today’s demand is a customer-centric PMO. Forrester analyst Margo Visitacion discusses how to meet the modern-day requirements with an age-old project management office. In this article at Keyedin, Lindsey Marymont narrates four brilliant steps to create a customer-centric PMO.

Making It Customer-Centric

A recent survey reveals that portfolio managers lacked sharing a shared vision to channelize resources and get strategic value from them. According to PMI, enterprise program management that meets executive requirements is 27 percent more strategically aligned than the rest. Below are the four steps to creating a customer-centric PMO:

Lay the Future Foundation: When you intend to form a customer-centric PMO, ensure your actions are directly linking to the strategic and corporate goals. All businesses are customer-specific now, so this alignment is necessary. Make your budgeting structure adjustable to an agile environment. You should use the right data to make informed decisions when it comes to investments. Your PMO actions must continuously support the customer-based business model.

Set the Right Parameters: Establish KPIs and metrics that can rightly showcase how your organizations are deriving value by catering to end-user demands. The results of relevant parameters are better processes, task prioritization, and aligned operational data points.

Processes Should Support Change: A customer-centric should have approaches that support continual improvement in processes. Your performance level should be of value to strategic decisionmakers of the company. Have a portfolio management tool that will make your processes transparent and remove human errors with the help of automated services.

Govern It Well: Since you have moved from programs that depended on functionalities to a product delivery model, your governance strategy will change. Shorter planning cycles and breaking away from annual budgeting are what a new customer-centric PMO governance can encourage.

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