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How to do Justice with a PMO Director’s Role?

PMO is the backbone of a project landscape and makes a significant contribution to value creation in a company. Hence, the role of a PMO director is equally substantial.

In this article at Meisterplan, Annegret Widmer explains that an ideal PMO director must-have soft skills like flexibility, emotional intelligence, and analytics. It means a PMO director must be flexible enough to make tough decisions and efficient in handling any situation with great understanding and communication.

The Voice in Command

A PMO director has more than ten years of experience with a track record of delivering successful projects. A senior project manager, program manager, or PMO officer can apply for the director’s role. Here are five keys to success for a PMO director:

  • Feasibility and Resources: The PMO directors’ position does not limit to keeping a close watch over the project budget and alignment with strategic objectives. They are equally accountable for resource capacities and constraints.
  • Lean PPM: In the process of exposing redundant disrupting factors in the PPM process, a thin PPM solution reduces complexity and saves time. This way, the PMO director can blend project planning with resource planning in real-time at the portfolio level.
  • Transparency & Visibility: Setting up the PMO with a clear and visible corporate structure will help in optimizing business transformation. To do so, the PMO directors must be well-informed of existing portfolios and internal company processes.
  • Evaluate: An eligible PMO director regularly examines if the established project portfolio is aligned with the strategic objectives of the stakeholders and customers’ needs. Hence, the PMO directors must measure the success of the established PPM, the value-added for the company growth, and of course, the ROI.
  • Communication & Understanding: Communication is the key to maintain visibility, good company culture, and a strong relationship with the decision-makers. The PMO directors must use mobile technologies to maintain transparency, exchange information, and keep constant evaluation within the PMO.

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