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How Can PMO Leave a Lasting Impression on Stakeholders?

Presentation plays a vital role in selling a project. Be it a new project or the progress report of an ongoing project, a compelling presentation can bring adequate attention.

In this article at Project Management for Today, Laura Barnard suggests, by narrating a powerful story to the stakeholders, or defining ‘what’s in it for me’ may work in the favor of your PMO.

No Selling!

The author believes that instead of selling a project idea, focus on the stakeholder buy-ins. This will turn into a much effective way of getting desired support from them. Here is a range of ideas to create a high impact PMO presentation:

  • Make It Precise: To steal the show, make a simple and crisp presentation that should not exceed more than five slides. Use professional language that resonates with the stakeholders.
  • Industry Perspective: Always back your research with industry statistics or data to showcase the current market scenario. Quote case studies and share your analysis on why a project failed and how it would have succeeded otherwise.
  • Long & Short-Term Goals: Stage short and long-term goals of the services you want to implement for your PMO. The key is to create alignment and focus on your stakeholders. Setting wrong expectations initially might hamper the future opportunities.
  • Showcase Opportunity: Offer services that will benefit both the organization and the stakeholders. For example, project transparency might have been a regular issue. By highlighting the merits of a project portfolio perspective and mechanism for reviewing it will prove beneficial to eliminate major issues.
  • Clear Impact: Try to bring out something on the table that can show immediate impact and resolve a business problem instantly. By doing better project management, planning, and execution, resolving business problems would be easier. To create a lasting impact, offer help on a troubled project with an appropriate solution.
  • Dry Run: It is one of the most significant methods of ensuring that you are heading in the right direction. Take the perspective of someone outside your industry or organization who can give fair judgment over your demonstration. Work on the areas you are lacking and present yourself strong enough to win the stakeholder’s trust.

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