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10 Ways to Ensure Your PMO Is More Than a Cost Center

Several companies are shutting down their PMO because they cannot see any visible benefits. The irony is, projects run smoothly because your team efficiently removes their hurdles. How do you make the business leaders see your team’s value addition? In this Prjolity article, José Marroig provides 10 tips to ensure your PMO is more than just a cost center.

Making PMO More Than a Costly Investment

Some companies have a central team that regulates project teams but do not label it as a PMO team. Though the project management office roles have changed over the years, the perception did not. Several see you as a team full of snooty executives that slows everything down. It is time that you changed their misgivings. Following are the 10 ways to ensure your PMO is more than just a cost center:

Involve Senior Leaders of the Company: Involve them in your team meetings. This engagement might make them support your team.

Promote Within the Organization: Talk about your PMO success frequently. Inform how projects you have governed have brought tangible benefits to the company.

Add Value: It is important that the project team you work with understands how you add value to their cause. If not, you must restructure the project plans.

Align Yourself to the Company Goals: The PMO should be aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. Understand the purpose of each project to provide them the required support.

Understand Your Role Well: Figure out what your role is in the company, the project, and the portfolio. Your primary aim is to improve the project progress.

Show the Money: Business is after all about profits. If you are reducing the expenses of the projects, people will notice.

Observe and Analyze: Gather data through metrics. The outcomes will be beneficial to direct future projects.

Catch Issues Early: It is imperative that you identify risks early to prevent losing precious hours and efforts. Addressing the risks early can avert losses.

Be Consistent with Your Efficiency: Streamline policies and standards. Adjust them using the outcomes of your established metrics.

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