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How to Empower PMO to Turn into An Instrument of Integration?

The PMOs need to fit into the role of integrators to collaborate between strategic planning and execution. Their job is to bring together processes, practices, methods, and people in the organization with constant improvement activities.

In this article at Future PMO, Elise Stevens shares how to empower PMO to be an instrument of integration for the organization.

Disrupting Change

Writing about successful change initiatives and achieving desired benefits for the organizations by engaging new ways of work is far from reality. When all change initiatives do not deliver the estimated benefits and most people are disengaged, then the integration of people, process and technology is lacking.

Digital disruption, evolving customer expectations, controlling operating cost, and a shift in workforce patterns drive change. Organizations expect their PMOs to bring change by adding real business value to the functional and relevant business.

Integrator of Change

The PMOs do not play any significant role in implementing change initiatives but they can efficiently integrate change. They have the potential to foster a culture of collaboration and constant improvement with the stakeholders. They can ensure if all the elements in their portfolio are coordinated and constantly delivered.

To become a successful tool of integration, the PMO needs to fill these gaps:

  • The PMO needs to gather information about what works for it or not. They can do it by analyzing and observing the current work environment of the organization.
  • The PMO must have a long-term vision and detailed goals that clearly communicate the integration vision. The inspirational vision statements of the PMO must align with the strategic goals of the organization.
  • Action plans are an outline to address integration gaps and attain desired goals. Therefore, developing a practical action plan is essential for the PMO to achieve goals.
  • Encouraging teamwork, promoting a culture of learning, celebrating successes, and reviewing the scope of improvement makes the PMO a successful tool of integration.

The author believes successful integration is a significant element of effective integration. The PMOs must have skill, knowledge, and understanding. Read the original article on the following link:

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