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Apt Way to Project Closure: A Checklist for PMO

As a project comes to an end, one of the most crucial steps includes the closure of the PMO supporting it which signifies that their services are no longer required, and the resources can deliver value in future by being redeployed.

In this article at PM Tips, Elizabeth Harrin explains that last deliverable does not signify the end of the project because there is a whole range of tasks that the project manager needs to perform in a bid to finish the work.

Professional Project Closure

Similarly, there is a process that applies to the PMO to conduct project closure in a systematic manner. Below is a checklist of key essentials that the PMO must consider during project closure:

  • Up to Date Schedule: Ensure that the project schedule shows all the finished tasks along with the final timesheets of the work submitted. If the PMO is using a task management app to track work-in-progress, there should be nothing outstanding. Moreover, if using a central resource pool, you may require the data to be accurate to close off timesheets and to ensure reports are up to date.
  • Update the Risk Log: Check if everything is released in the project risk log. You may find most of the risks irrelevant but there might be a few that may carry on. For instance, risks related to product not the project. In this case, pass these risks to the team who are receiving the handover to manage the risk via appropriate department risk logs.
  • Post-Project Review: Lessons learned should not be kept for the post-project review as it might prove beneficial any time. The PMO can hold a final retrospective or lessons learned session to document the output and share it with the team for future references.
  • Tidy Project Records: Keeping everything labelled accurately and available is the most profound way of closing the project and making it accessible for future projects. Do check the accessibility of the project shared workspace and remove unwanted people from the network who no longer need to see those files.
  • Thank & Celebrate: Once the project closure is achieved successfully, bring the team together and extend gratitude for everyone’s contribution and effort towards it. This part should be performed by the project managers because it helps people reflect on their achievements.

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