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Use Emotional Intelligence to Handle Your PMO Team

Emotional intelligence is important for any working professionals irrespective of hierarchy. Before enforcing policies, figure out the resultant challenges and concerns of your team. In this article at PM-Partners, know the 5 ways you can use emotional intelligence to handle your PMO team.

EQ and PMO

The role of the project management office is about empowering people now. For improved project handling and strategic goal achievements, a PMO leader must be more than just authoritative. So, you must handle teams differently. Following are the 5 ways you can use emotional intelligence to handle your PMO team:

Let Them Know You Care: When your PMO team does a great job, appreciate the hard work. Never forget to acknowledge small wins and applaud the individuals in front of others. Empower them and help them grow in their careers. Be constantly clear about your expectations from them.

Accept That People Are Different: People come from various backgrounds so no two people will think the same way. Rather than forcing them to conform, leverage their diverse opinions to come up with a better solution. Look for common interests to increase team bonding. Guide the PMO team to accept different cultures and belief systems.

Explain the Importance of Their Role: Vague roles or assignments can lead to confusion, frustration, and resistance. Tell your PMO team how its activities influence organizational goals. Showcase how their skills help their personal growth both inside and outside the organization.

Be the Servant Leader: Though you are the leader, do not order them around. Treat them like you would treat yourself. Be ready to listen to their concerns and interests. Be accountable for their actions and correct yourself when you are wrong. Explain your actions to them if they are confused.

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