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How a PMO Role Can Accelerate Your Career Growth

There is a wrong notion among working professionals that a PMO role is a career setback. If programme or project managers take up the role, they are just going a step back. This rumor needs to be wiped out. In this article at PM Majik, find out how a PMO role can accelerate your career growth.

Benefits of a PMO Role

It is true that in a PMO role you will not handle projects directly, but you will coordinate and facilitate several. Every role has its pros and cons. Find out below how a PMO role can accelerate your career growth:

Rubbing Shoulders with the Senior Leaders: As a PMO member, you will attend meetings with senior executives of the company. You will know about the company strategy and the roadmap of the future. In one of these exclusive meetings, you might bump into sponsors that are funding your programme. Making friends at the top can easily help you get critical project approvals. Also, the senior leaders will notice someone that brings innovative ideas to the table.

Understanding the Importance of Processes: Project managers must deliver so they ignore guidelines at times. In your PMO role, you will understand how ignoring processes can disrupt the projects. You can explain to the managers the reason behind the stringent guidelines. If not, at least you will follow the guidelines when you become a manager.

Seeing the Big Picture: A PMO role entails that you look after projects across the organization. So, you will have a better knowledge of how changes influence projects. You will know what can make projects perfectly align with company goals.

Acquiring Project Management Skills: PMO members must acquire project management skills to do their job well. You will learn how to conduct training sessions and mentor people in your team. You will find out how employee productivity is directly related to their interest in their jobs. You will try your best to assign them more fulfilling roles that align well with the company.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.pmmajik.com/pmo-role-good-career/

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