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The Role of C-Suite Executives in PMO Transformation

In the fast-evolving digital arena, it is the duty of the leaders to act and think strategically about improvement within the organization.

In this article at Forbes, the author suggests that the PMO is expected to play a critical role in the digital transformation of the organizations in the future. Hence, it is the responsibility of the C-suite to helping the PMO transform.

The Executives’ Support

To gain a winning position in the ever-disruptive digital market, the C-level executives must learn to manage the influx and influence of disruptive technologies. Advance technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) can trigger fear among the employees and discourage them from adopting progressive tools.

By holding town hall meetings, offering additional incentives, and modeling good behavior, CEOs can give rest to employees’ concern while empowering them to innovate.

Another way CEOs can help transform the PMO is by expanding the project managers’ role as a strategic advisor, innovator, communicator, big thinker, and versatile manager. With disruptive technologies like automation taking over mundane tasks, CEOs can inspire project managers to align their activities with business objectives and broaden their business landscape.

The Inspiring CFO

Similarly, the chief financial officers (CFOs) can keep project leaders on track by offering lucrative incentives for adding measurable value to the business on disruptive technology. Together they can build a strong business case for greater investment.

A PMO remains under immense pressure to complete the projects within time and budget. By implementing new and relatively untested disruptive technologies, the CFOs and CEOs can bring about transformational change in a much competitive world. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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