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5 PM Tips to Join the PMO Fearlessly

After gaining enough experience of handling multiple projects, processes, methodologies, and compliances, project managers tend to wonder if joining the PMO would be the right career move for them or not.

In this article at Liquid Planner, Andy Makar explains that being a project manager, there is nothing is wrong about considering a PMO assignment. There are many good reasons to add a PMO rotation into your career plan.

PMO: A Constant Concern

Most of the project managers will avoid the PMO assignment. In fact, some have experienced enough overly administrative PMOs to understand the concern. However, the author believes that managing a PMO is a much-benefiting experience. Here are several reasons to consider adding a PMO to your career plan:

5 Excuses to Join a PMO

  • Joining a global level PMO is an excellent opportunity to hone your project management skills. A program-level PMO provides the project manager with new challenges like working across multiple teams and managing work at a larger scale than detailed project schedules.
  • If you join a department-level PMO, you will gain experience with demand management and portfolio management. This means, instead of managing a single project, you may work with senior leaders on goals within each portfolio.
  • Working in a PMO means gaining better visibility into all the ongoing projects in the organization while gaining exposure in diverse fields and that is a win-win situation.
  • By joining a PMO, you will get the opportunity to apply all the tips, tricks, and techniques that work into the standard PMO methodology. This will give you a unique exposure and first-hand experience in trying something extraordinary.
  • Being a project manager, your visibility is limited to a single project and the executive stakeholders supporting the project. But as you join the PMO, you may end up getting a strong networking opportunity and great access to the executive stakeholders across the organization.

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