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5 Areas that Top PMO Certification Courses Seldom Cover

There are several PMO certification courses available for professionals now. P3O from AXELOS, PPSO from BCS, and certification levels from AIPMO are the top ones. However, these seldom cover 5 key PMO requirements. Find out what these 5 primary areas are in this article at Strategy Execution by Lindsay Scott.

Core PMO Areas You Should Concentrate On

The three accreditation bodies—AXELOS, BCS, and AIPMO—are providing well-rounded courses for all types of professionals. However, to be a better PMO practitioner, following are the areas you should work on further:

Knowledge in Agile Approaches: Majority of the companies are encouraging teams to leverage Agile approaches. These methodologies are seldom covered by the PMO certification courses. So, make the effort to learn the different techniques to become an Agile PMO.

Expertise in Business Analysis: Apart from governing projects, PMO professionals now need to get comfortable with business analysis. In fact, more individuals are starting their career with a background in business analytics. Get a hang of it before it becomes a necessary part of your job description.

Leadership Skills: PMOs not only interact within their team but also interact with several departments because of added responsibilities. Acquiring and honing leadership skills is another prerequisite for the job now that certification courses do not provide.

Having a Hold: To get things done, you must know how to convince and create an impact on people that matter. To establish policy, you need top management support as well as acceptance from the employees. Create rapport, know the right people, and slowly build your pool of supporters.

Strategy Planning: It is a sincere mistake to think that the seniormost member will be the best leader. Similarly, a PMO professional will not learn how to make flawless strategies overnight. Learn to create strategies that would benefit the company’s short-term and long-term goals. Find out which projects align with these strategies and how to prioritize them to maximize benefits.

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