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Vital Elements of Project Charter That a PMO Must Know

The project charter defines the vision and objective of a project. It summarizes a high-level project strategy, scope, objectives, and implementation. Typically, project charter documents the objectives of the project, how it will be carried out, and the respective stakeholders.

A project charter is a crucial element in project planning as it is useful during the entire project. In this article at, the author lists out all the essential elements of a project charter that sets off the project on the right track.

Crucial Mandates

The project charter must cover the preliminary framework of the tasks to be performed while giving clear guidance to the teams and stakeholders about the project. It reflects the commitment of an organization to deliver the best possible outcome.

What to Include?

A project manager must document the charter with these elements included in it:

  • Clearly defined objectives and purpose of the project
  • Brief high-level requirements of the project
  • Project description in one or two paragraphs
  • Risks determined for the project, capturing major areas of concern
  • Event scheduling with dates showcasing major milestones
  • Summary of the estimated budget for the project
  • Approvals required from the organization
  • Key stakeholders of the project
  • Introduction of authority or project sponsors
  • Keeping relevant project goals within time limits

The project charter gives a bird’s eye view of the project in the form of a formal agreement with the crucial project details. Before starting or further committing anything to a new project, the managers are advised to see if all the elements included in the project charter are well-placed.

The author states that the project charter is precise because it is designed to suffice the needs of high-level management. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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