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How to Enable Your PMO to Have an Effective Run: 5 Steps

Digitization is altering the demands in the PMO space in terms of tools and technology adoption. In fact, PMOs are resorting to Agile to keep up with fast-changing project requirements nowadays. In this article at PM World 360, Paul Kesler shares five essential steps to enable your PMO to have an effective run in the company.

What to Expect in the New PMO World

While implementing emerging technologies results in accurate decision-making, a PMO has its own set of mandatory tasks and guidelines. Following are the five steps to enable your PMO to have an effective run in the company:

Strategy Planning: Organizations now want PMOs to invest time in planning strategies for the company. Some even require them to contribute to the business plans. These firms also involve project or program managers in the meetings to keep things transparent at all levels.

Value-Added Governance: A PMO is required to assist the business by executing good governance plans. Budget allocation, resource scheduling, task prioritization, and change management are some of the tasks they need to handle deftly.

Resource Utilization: New assignments require advanced skillsets, so PMOs are always facing resource scarcity. So, the organizations heavily rely on efficient decision-making of the PMO. The primary task in this segment is to collect project information and prioritize resources to meet concurrent deadlines.

Identifying and Mitigating Risks on Time: No project is devoid of risks and issues. A mitigation strategy should be in place for all scenarios. Who can do that planning better than a project management office?

Sensible Reporting Structure: To enable transparent and fast project approvals, PMOs are required to create a proper reporting structure for all to follow. Different stakeholders require different reports, so collating user-specific documents are essential for projects to progress.

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