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Building Up a PMO Induction Pack? 5 Steps to Arrange It Better

To have a concise and informative PMO induction pack, stay prepared. Since PMOs will deal with the key stakeholders mostly, they must have a clear understanding of company objectives and culture. In this article at PM Majik, get to know the 5 steps to build a nice PMO induction pack.

What to Include in a PMO Induction Pack?

As is normal with every new hire, a PMO induction will include a presentation. It will describe the key points of the company—vision, mission, objectives, policies, and work ethics. It is important that you highlight the achievements as well as infuse some humor to help the newcomer settle in. Following are the 5 steps to create a better PMO induction pack:

Decide on the Presentation Format: Typically, presentations are made with Microsoft PowerPoint. However, there is no strict guideline for which you cannot use other formats like videos or documents. You can also release it online to attract prospective hires. Have a printout of the digital version ready in case the individual requests any.

Give a Fitting Title: Have a title that clearly states what the recruits can expect from the PMO induction pack. Include the published date, version, and author. You can also add your company logo or brand name on the cover.

Organize Content for Ease of Use: Arrange the content and create a table of content to go directly to the relevant pages. It also will be easy to consult specific information in the future.

Summarize the Purpose: The new hire will have little idea about the induction. So, fill the individual in briefly about the agenda of the PMO induction pack. Clarify the acronyms and terms that you would use frequently during the session.

Make It Visual: Throwing a lot of names at the recruits will confuse them. So, create a visual chart to help them understand where they belong in the organizational framework.

Explain the Programmes in Details: After the overview, it is time for them to delve deep into each programme. Just use the current display to help them understand the details.

Introduce Tools, Processes, and Approaches: Introduce to the new hires the tools, processes, and methodologies they will use as a PMO team member. Give them a PMO Handbook for easy reference.

Share Contact List: The newcomers would require knowing the point of contacts to reach out faster. Include the contact names along with their roles and responsibilities in the company.

In-House Source Links: Every company has a common shared database, security protocols, application folder, etc. Ensure you provide them with active links so they can set up and start working soon.

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