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Four hundred professionals from the PMO community attended the London PMO Conference this year. They learned over the course of 20 sessions where a project management office, in general, is heading now. In this article at Strategy Execution, Lindsay Scott discusses the 10 hot topics in the PMO community.

Learning About the New Trends

While understanding the latest scenario in the PMO community, they discussed the new trends and challenges. Following are the 10 hot topics that are doing the rounds in the PMO community:

Rise of the Automation: The PMO community is wondering how to optimize operations with the help automation. For example. robotic process automation or RPA can perform repetitive tasks like analysis report generation for overburdened professionals.

Importance of Data Analytics: PMO professionals are now understanding the benefits of data analytics in project management. They are worried about the current data collection process and scarcity of skilled resources to handle those data.

Consistency of Agile: For the fourth year running, Agile is the most sought-after methodology for the PMO community to address volatile situations. The methodology is more popular now with various companies adopting its variants.

Agile and PMO: While Agile is used for project management, people are wondering if it could be applied for a PMO implementation. P2 Consulting’s Adam Skinner explored various benefits of its adoption.

The Building of Strategy: More PMOs are getting involved in the yearly strategic decision-making. They are helping senior executives to create and handle portfolios, programmes, and projects.

Innovation in Communication: Instead of limiting PMO principles to formal communications, today’s PMO community is infusing those in regular conversations with people.

State of Maturity: While a new PMO attains an acceptable maturity level over the years, an already established team banks on continuous improvement. Engaged PMOs are ready to improve their learning curve whenever required.

Going Digital: PMOs are also focused on digitization along with the company business objectives, as per Ralf Finchett, a conference participant.

Pushing Boundaries Beyond Comfort: The PMO community is now making bolder steps by exploring new challenges and opportunities.

Moving Forward: The community is ready to move forward alongside the businesses it is dealing with to stay relevant.

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