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4 Alarming Signs Every PMO Should Keep in Mind

In a steadily growing complex business environment, PMOs are bound to come across difficult situations that need immediate backup plans to resolve the issues.

In this article at Information Age, Nick Ismail explains that digital transformation has opened doors of opportunities and scope of expansion alongside some challenging situations for the PMOs.

The Problem Area

The success of a digital initiative may not live and die within the PMO. Progress lies within the exposure and expertise of the teams across the organization. With multiple projects going on simultaneously, sometimes organizations find it difficult to gain visibility into the overarching project portfolio. This lack of visibility is attributed to lack of communication from the PMO. Here are some other warning signs the PMOs must observe:

  • Uncertain Mission Statements: Being proactive in planning and execution without gaining a fundamental understanding of the project objective or goal is not appropriate. The best approach is, take a step back and start correctly by gathering clear knowledge and information on what the project is aiming to accomplish.
  • Lack of Metrics: Without a clear execution framework, it is extremely difficult to track project progress. Moreover, if the PMO is still following conventional spreadsheets or manual reporting, then the situation will remain grim. Without an organized approach to track progress, it would be difficult to measure the value of the PMO and demonstrate how it is contributing to the organization’s growth.
  • Failure to Focus on Wider Impact: Though PMOs used to play a more operational role than strategic, their decisions lack a wider strategy to function successfully. To lead in the current scenario, the PMOs must take decisions in the best interest of the organization.
  • Over-Emphasis on Success: Celebration of success is good but being realistic about failure is equally essential. Regardless of project performance, something can be learned always. Instead of taking failures on their head, the project managers must observe and find ways to mitigate risk in the future. PMOs can turn short-term failures into long-term success.
  • Take Action: The PMOs are mended to bring positive impact on the business and avoid a narrow attitude. They must embrace outward focus on collaboration and communication to achieve buy-in across the business. The PMO can fulfill the critical function of ensuring execution to overarching business strategy.

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