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Skills You Must Have If You Are Aspiring to Be a PMO Analyst

Basically, a PMO analyst provides services to a project management office of an organization. While your primary job is to analyze things, you will have other roles to fulfill once you assume the post. In this article at PMO Learning, Lindsay Scott discusses the skills that you must have if you are aspiring to be a PMO analyst.

Analyzing the Job of a PMO Analyst

As a PMO analyst, you should sit with the PMO team to work on the project, portfolio, and programme parts of the business. You must support the delivery as well as report project statuses to the senior management. Following are the skills you need as a project management office analyst:

Required Skills: A PMO analyst should understand the principles and best practices around portfolios, projects, and programmes. Be knowledgeable about the current and newest tools, processes, and templates. Be familiar with a computer to format documents, compile templates, calculate different data, and work on spreadsheets. It is your proficiency in communications that will help people understand complex ideas and policies around the projects. As a PMO analyst, you must solve challenges as well. To be precise, you require the below-mentioned skills:

  • Benefits management
  • Planning and schedule management
  • Creation and implementation of best practice methods, processes & tools
  • Governance frameworks and processes
  • Reporting
  • Risk, issues and change management
  • Financial & budgetary management
  • Communications & stakeholder management

The degree of importance attached to these skills will vary based on the PMO type, seniority, industry, and projects.

To become a PMO analyst, understand the best practices and how those are supported by the team you are with. You first need to know about project management. You will come to terms with the rest subsequently.

A formal certification or training course is more credible than learning extensively from a book. For a beginner with no experience, PPSO Essentials Certification course can do. If you have gathered a year worth of experience, P3O Foundation course is good enough. With several years of experience, AIPMO IPMO-Foundation course can be an added benefit for you.

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