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9 Successful Ways to Become an Inspiring PMO

Majority of the organizations dissolve their PMO after that portfolio of projects is complete. They fail to notice the benefits they earned by establishing the team. In this article at PMWorld 360, Jan Schiller discusses 9 successful ways to become an inspiring PMO.

How to Become a PMO Role Model

Success can establish belief as well as your credibility in the business world. After all, success is the only attribute that organizations are running after these days. Following are the 9 successful ways to become an inspiring PMO:

Identify Your Customers: Majority of your success depends on communication. Decide who are your potential customers, their possible demands, service expectations, access credentials, etc.

Be a Proactive Listener and Mentor: Throwing more policies on existing ones can add to the misery of project managers. Irrespective of who is new in their role, the PMO must hear out the concerns of the dependents.

Set Your Goals: Define the services your PMO would want to deliver and share the list with all stakeholders. Unless they know what they can expect from your team, they might refuse to follow your best practices.

Learn to Adjust: Though a PMO is an authoritative body in an organization, times are changing. Instead of maintaining the age-old stoic practices or tools, deploy advanced tools and processes.

Handhold While Guiding If Necessary: In order to reinforce the new practices, mentor and coach the project managers. Be available for them to remove doubts and concerns.

Have Patience: You might have got wholehearted support from senior as well as project managers. However, to maintain consistency, encourage the early adopters and others will follow suit.

Build a Bond of Trust: Be transparent with your stakeholders. They might resent your challenges to their policies, but they will appreciate your farsightedness later. This will further strengthen the trust and credibility of the PMO team.

Avoid Auditing During Initial Stages: Do not start criticizing at the early stages. Human race resists anything new as it is. If you force it down on them, they will revolt. Instead of direct confrontations, note those down and bring up one point at a time during meetings.

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