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What Do Modern PMOs Need to Adjust in Agile Setup?

The PMOs have been stapled to conventional methodologies, but to lead in the agile environment, many organizations are giving their PMOs authority to disrupt their transformations into many modern businesses.

In this article at DZone, Laureen Knudsen explains that many organizations are even initiating Strategy Management Offices (SMOs) to decrease the hold of PMOs, and eventually replacing them with the PMO.

Role of SMO

It is the responsibility of SMOs to ensure that the corporate strategy is bringing highest returns while using agile practices. However, this stimulates speculations over the existence of PMOs in an Agile environment.

The ridged upfront planning standards and unfortunate constraints of conventional PMOs work in direct conflict with the fluid Agile methodology. This criticism does hold some significance. If the PMO cannot evolve with the business, in the next couple of years, Portfolio Management Offices will take over PMOs’ position.

Can PMOs Survive Agile Transformation?

Indeed, there are some successful PMOs who are moving from a project-focused environment to managing constraints while becoming business-focused. They understand the value stream and are no longer focusing on execution alone. Modern PMOs are no more a roadblock, instead, they are paving the way to organizational transformation to modern business.

A great PMO has made the transformation from driving teams to get work done while ensuring the organization’s score position in top markets and creating value in the corporate world. This is possible only when they deliver business guidance to the entire organization. Also, the PMOs need to have a strategy to execute and remove barriers between ideas and outcomes. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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