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Skills PMO Needs to Lead a Strategic Project Office

With changing times and trends, projects ensure the success of an organization and a PMO plays a pivotal role in bringing success. The PMO provides a neutral perspective and critical insights to the stakeholders. It facilitates sharing of resources and eliminates redundancies.

In this article at PM Times, Dalene Grobler elaborates on how the PMO may act as the strategist, analyst, and trusted advisor.

Strategy Advisor

To turn into a Strategic Project Office (SPO), the PMO must learn to act as a strategic facilitator, that can alter available data into a meaningful statement of the project, enabling executives to take the right decision. PMOs also assist senior managers to come up with high-value projects keeping in mind the organization’s vision and strategy.

Sufficing Business Needs

In a bid to establish a superior understanding of the IT business, the SPO needs to acquire knowledge of the current and future policies, practices, and trends of the trade. With change management, they can meet customer expectations. To meet the same, the SPO needs to have high-performing teams.

While we are on the topic of change management, the SPOs need to keep stakeholders informed about every step they take to bring exclusivity to the work. To accomplish this, interpersonal skills are a must.

Mitigating Risks

To counter emerging project risks, the SPO needs to hone advanced finance and risk management skills. A comprehensive risk assessment will help in taking up investment decisions and having a better strategy in place.

Additionally, the author suggests ways to build strategic management skills. At first, the PMO must conduct a gap assessment. Here is what all needs to be done:

  • Make a program for the project team
  • Have a clear understanding of how to assign resources to teams
  • Conduct in-house training and development programs
  • Create forums for knowledge sharing with experienced project staff
  • Conduct mentoring programs
  • Hold regular staff performance reviews
  • Have sessions for junior staff to learn from experienced managers
  • Recruit skilled resources
  • Reward and appreciate to boost team morale
  • Create a safe environment for learning

The clear vision of PMO helps in bridging skill gaps and scale up team capability. The SPO should have a broader outlook, in terms of skills. The author further suggests that the SPO must encourage agility and flexibility within teams to adapt to change. Read more intricate details about an SPO’s role by clicking on the following link:

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