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New Mandate for PMO: Be the DX Player

With digitization dramatically changing the nature of the IT industry, it is the responsibility of PMO to shift its focus towards governing and delivering projects that may support digital transformation (DX).

In this article at Tech Target, Matt McWha explains how the PMO is facing the significant pressure of transformation. As the PMO staff has been operating in an inflexible role and a hierarchical path, their job becomes frustrating in the advent of more fluid roles of DX.

Merits of Conventional PMO

By redefining roles of the PMO, the organizations are promoting more effective support to their digital ambitions. However, to do so, the organizations need to have a critical approach to see through the eyes of the PMO’s comparative advantages. Here are three major advantages that are inherent to the PMO’s role:

1. Scoring Team Workflows: Ideally, the PMO is suited to design and facilitate interactions among different types of stakeholders. With digital transformation, the PMOs can play critical roles in promoting and adopting new delivery practices like agile and DevOps.

2. Developing Digital Talent: The PMOs may have bigger roles to play like fostering newer capabilities. This may include product ownership, nurturing an extended community of project management practitioners and providing targeted support to the business.

3. Supporting DX: A critical role of the PMO in the future is to facilitate the shift in IT operating model along with managing the necessary organizational changes. As IT makes the transition to product lines, the PMO can extend support to enterprise-level capital allocation. Apart from this, the PMO may also support the delivery of enterprise digital programs.

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