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Project Management Methodologies Worth Focusing on

The right project management methodology (PMM) helps in creating a uniform workflow, smooth execution of project while avoiding serious errors.

In this article at Hygger, the author compares methodologies to a rail engine that helps an organization reach its final destination—success and prosperity.

Need for PMM

Any kind of projects, be it small, big or enterprise level, require some special conditions to develop and implement qualitative interaction between employees. This will help in establishing a clear understanding of leading roles and strict adherence to service instructions. Here are some project management methodologies IT professionals must focus on:

  • Agile: It is based on the most convenient choices of team members and their high working skills. Agile is a combination of different techniques of work like Scrum, Lean with Kanban, etc. It is the flexible approach to transformation that allows developers and customers to minimize the business risks.
  • Waterfall: Renowned as one of the most conventional project management methodologies, the Waterfall is a stringent system directed to the clearest idea about the project. Absolutely, consistent work is what defines Waterfall ‘the best’.
  • Hybrid: This one is a clearly structured approach to the collection of data to process information with the ability to highlight any changes promptly. Hybrid gets traction in the middle-sized projects with diverse levels of complexity.
  • CPM: Also known as Critical Path Method, CPA allows customization of all working processes by ranking them in relevant and dependent procedures. The most productive feature in CPM is the possibility to make it work competently. It allows more time to excel the tasks in hand with all the necessary activities without any overlapping.

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