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Google Calendar: A PMO Tool to Explore

So far Google calendar has worked best in managing daily appointments, but that is not its limit. Its other features including the sharing, searchability, timeline view, and other features make it one of the most reliable tools for tracking projects.

In this article at Life Hacker, Andrea Vascellari shares PMO tips to use Google calendar for your team and clients.

Tool to Seal the Deal

Now, before turning Google calendar into your ultimate project management tool, the PMO needs to specify if it needs it as a medium to better manage the project teams, timelines, deadlines, or relevant project’s data: Here is how Google calendar can help you in diverse ways:

  • Project Calendar: To guard the client’s privacy, you can temporarily change the calendar title, but the syntax remains the same. For instance 19=2019 0r 20=2020, etc. Give the same name to the project. Use a suitable syntax to keep the calendar easier to browse or search.
  • Sharing: The project managers can share the calendar with the team members or even with the clients to monitor the stream of activities and project deadlines.
  • Timeline: Mark the tasks in hand on the calendar and automatically turn each calendar into a comprehensive project timeline.
  • Manage Client Access: Calendar is one of the easiest forms of sharing project progress details with the client. However, in complex projects, you may create two versions of the calendar— one for the team with the technical details while the other for the client with only relevant information.
  • Problem Solving: Each project brings a unique issue and a range of problems or roadblocks with it. To resolve such unwanted issues, the team members can mark all the problems in the calendar as an ‘all day’ entry adding their names next to it. Other team members can help the individual facing problem in resolving it. Once the problem is solved, the entry should be marked as ‘Fixed’.

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