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4 Essential Elements of PSC Formation

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) plays a major role in project completion. The PSC is the essential element of the project governance structure that helps in designing the framework for resolving the issues occurred during the project life cycle. It helps the PMO to consider recommendations on project planning and delivery.

In this article at PM Majik, the author defines PSC as ‘SteerCo’ which is a decision-making entity within the project governance structure, formed with a bunch of top-level managers. The project steering committee provides governance and direction at the programme level. The SteerCo typically takes place on a monthly basis except for the exceptions like critical projects with a short time span.

PSC: Role to Rule

Since the PSC or SteerCo plays a major role in project planning and directing, without them, the project governance structure turns ineffective and the project suffers from scope creep, poor budget and time management.

The SteerCo is typically includes senior management executives, key stakeholders, and a project client’s representative, who are deliberately positioned to promote project goals. Their role demands to check and approve the project charter for accuracy, monitoring progress, reviewing and verifying changes, making strategic decisions, and resolving conflicts. Here are some smart ways to form the best SteerCo:

  1. Agenda: There should be an agenda that consists of standing items like project status, budget, risks, and unwanted ad-hoc concerns for each individual in the PSC. The agenda must be prepared two weeks prior to the initial project meeting. It is the responsibility of the sponsor or SteerCo chair to check the agenda.
  2. Actions: Each SteerCo meeting needs an action plan and record maintenance. Moreover, it is even more vital to review the actions two weeks prior to the SteerCo to chase updates and allow action owners to close it ahead of the SteerCo. If the actions continue rolling from meeting-to-meeting, it may become clumsy to achieve the desired goals.
  3. Meeting Pack Review: Prepare the meeting pack 24 or 48 hours ahead of the SteerCo. The pack must be reviewed by the sponsor before being published. This may remain challenging as most of the senior sponsors keep busy all the time. Thereby, book an early appointment with them.
  4. Room Booking: With the rise in virtual meetings and conference calls, ensure booking the meeting rooms in advance as in many organizations, rooms are at a premium. It is ideal to book a room for SteerCo meetings for the entire year or a certain period until the project is over. Include the room details and remote access contact details in the meeting invite.

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