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What Do You Include in a PMO Change Management Framework?

PMO change management framework would help to streamline changes when projects are ongoing. Most of their plans do not stay true to the initial scope, time estimate, and budget. In this article at PM Majik, know what to include in a PMO change management framework.

Aspects of PMO Change Management Framework

Change is the only constant in life. This holds true for project development processes. Instead of thinking of these changes as unexpected, the PMO team must prepare to leverage the situation as growth opportunities. Following are the aspects to consider in a PMO change management framework:

A Roadmap: A framework will include all the steps of a change management process, tolerance levels, and approval requirements. Your document should contain generic terms for easy understanding and faster responses.

Tolerance Levels: The PMO change management framework should have conditions based on which stakeholders would take actions. Set levels as per the project type in terms of scope, timeline, and budget. Also, projects that are no longer earning revenue must return the remaining money now.

Governing Structure: The PMO roadmap must have all the details regarding the governing body and actionable steps. Include names of members, sign-off restrictions, meeting frequency, paperwork processing, etc. Avoid assigning too many members or strict review processes for shorter or low-risk changes. Consider dependencies in the approval phase.

Change Management Tools: Project or programme teams should fill out change control templates for ready information. The document should include details, impact, cost, and inaction consequences of the project changes. Including a revised project plan and modified approval date are mandatory. If teams need more budget, that should be present in the document as well.

Benefits: The PMO team will provide more value if it does the following activities:

  • Clears directions for change requests
  • Facilitates the changes
  • Goes through requests before sending to the governing body
  • Keeps all the stakeholders in the loop regarding the changes
  • Analyzes the importance of the changes and gives an objective opinion on project continuity

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